West Virginia vs Texas Tech

West Virginia vs Texas Tech:  I’m not sure what’s going on, but this game has become one of the two most important games of the season. Since Hurricane Florence or Kansas State University suddenly became completely disgusting, it was not possible to play at N.C., but we are here. Five weeks later, West Virginia climbers will welcome their first real test of the season: this test will give us many answers about how good this team really is.

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Speaking of his team is very good, Texas Tech fans suddenly believe that if they pass the climbers on Saturday, they will win the Big 12 Championship. Now, it’s crazy to call me, but it seems that Tech fans are putting a lot of actions in a real newcomer quarterback, with three of the top 20 teams and a mysterious TCU Horned Frogs team still ahead. As the season progressed, this seemed to be the secret of the heartrending of the Lubbocks.

A win will give the climbers a five-game winning streak with Texas Tech, which will be WVU’s longest winning streak against the 12th team. Here are some other facts and figures about the game.

0: Win seven coaches at Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech scored less than 20 points

2: Win in 30 games at Kingsbury, where the Texas Tech team was at the end of the half

3: Texas Tech has won many games since Kingsbury decided to have a beard

We’re talking about the same team, beating 3-6 in the Big 12 recession in 2016, and the quarterback who is currently igniting the NFL is on fire. If you can not do it with Patrick Mahomes, you will not work with a newcomer who has never faced the level he or she is about to face. I do not care about the improvement that your defense is said to have.

Now, back to this game on Saturday, we will continue to do a busy job for Texas Tech University fans to help them adjust these expectations slightly. The Red Raiders reportedly did not have TJ Vasher this week, and one of their weapons proved that it could damage West Virginia’s defense. It’s a real shame, because the only hope for the Texas Institute of Technology is to become a gunfight, and it’s hard to go into a duel when your gun loses its striker.

West Virginia played with the red attackers for about 15 minutes and then let them out of difficulties.

As a visitor to the Jones AT & T Stadium, West Virginia is the most popular Saturday. But according to our Sportsline data, the line opens at (-6) and then moves another point, which makes the climber the favorite of the touchdown. It’s only half now. 77 years old or older / wide open. Now it’s 73. So, have fun.

The climbers lost the first two games of the series and won the last four games, which coincides with the time of updating Tony Gibson to the defensive coordinator. The Red Raiders scored 34 points, 17 points, 26 points and 35 points in the last four games. In the same four years, they averaged 30.5 (!), 45.1, 43.7 and 34.3 points.